A few words about us


About Us

Over 30 years of industry experience;

In Turkey;

In Marmara, Southeastern Anatolia and Aegean regions.

In the world;

In England, Germany and Ethiopia

With our Global, Innovative, Sustainable Export target;

For the world's leading brands, we are designing collections with our design team that follows the trends, high-volume, time-oriented, lean management & production understanding, and environmentally sensitive productions that include advanced technology with our expert workforce.

Our total production capacity is approximately 1.000.000 pieces per month.

Our total design capacity is 1,500 pieces per month.

To be the leader of the supply chain for global brands by producing quality products in line with world trends with our happy and productive employees.
To be a partner of a global brand by 2025
Idea sharing between the employees at all levels, having the sense that all of the employees are close to the senior management is the culture that attaches much importance and is committed to move forward in DEMKA TEXTILE. To not be problem-oriented, but be result-oriented with all of our employees and to walk confidently into the future as all DEMKA FAMILY by being stronger as WE are our largest and most valuable responsibility on our shoulders.
Green Factory and Environment

DEMKA Textile, in order to fulfill its responsibilities against the society and the nature;makes a commitment to ;

  • prevent pollution of the environment,
  • reduce pollution at the source,
  • carry out the environmental activities in accordance with standards of national legislation and internationally recognized management system,
  • Constantly monitor the environment-related rules of customersand operating in accordance with these rules, provide environmental awareness with the trainings all employees,
  • And also contribute of the suppliers to the development of environmental issues.These studies are programmed in accordance with the following activities;
  • Environmental - Occupational Health - Occupational Safety Policy.
  • Trainings of the employees for the creation of environmental awareness.
  • Determination of the environmental aspects and environmental impact in the factories.
  • Creation of the necessary procedures and instructions to control these determined dimensions.

  • Green Factory

    What can I do for the global environment and future?

    DEMKA Textile creates and implements Green Factory projects in order to reduce the environmental burden of the whole process as starting from this question and to use resources effectively. The major works planned within this respect;
  • Savings in electricity usage (Sensor lamp usage, replacing the air conditioning fans via the drive application, avoiding unnecessary lighting, measuring the amount of illumination on workstations
  • Savings in water use (re-use of the cooling water)
  • Savings in natural gas usage (wastewater heat recovery system)
  • Avoiding from the excessive heating
  • Studies related to noise prevention, (if any, the headphones should be used t in noisy workstation)
  • Establishment of waste sorting systems (as paper waste, batteries, plastic, fabric, metal, glass)
  • Storage of hazardous materials (such as creps) and the procedures for disposal of hazardous waste
  • Getting a share of the"Green" products market and profit generated
  • Greening of the environment (Sending corporate gifts as trees, saplings TEMA (the Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats) donation, etc.)
  • Monitoring the management system of the paint shops and other suppliers
  • Using appropriate equipment for water consumption in the washbasin and toilets
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the wastes of company vehicles, and so on.
  • Cooperation with local authorities (the collection of waste paper, etc.)
  • Reduce the use of resources by reducing wastage rates.